About Us

Ontario Box 

Ontario Box was started to help regional vendors reach households across Ontario. Now more than ever, Canadians are challenged to support local businesses and help increase Canada's overall GDP. Ontario Box decided to do this by thinking creatively, and what better way than to support Ontario in this time?

All products are locally sourced and a portion of our Specialty Boxes will be donated to an Ontario charity. Our products really are a win, win, win!

The Making of Ontario Box

Hi, my name is Emily Kate Gray and I am the Founder of Ontario Box.

I started this initiative because I believe supporting local businesses is the most sustainable way to support Canada's economy. Funny enough, I studied a Bachelor of International Business at the Sprott School of Business, and even now I come to the same conclusion - "Think globally, act locally". Supporting Canadians not only increases our countries wealth, but it promotes innovation, education, and quality of life here in Canada. 

My brother Joshua Gray and his girlfriend Genevieve Sutherns started a local businesses called Guelph Box. It is essentially Ontario Box on a micro-scale because they are dealing with local Guelph vendors and artisans. Since so many regions across Ontario do not have this service, I thought that I could bring it to an Ontario-wide scale with goals of expanding across Canada. 

Thank you for choosing to support Ontario's local vendors!